Shri Siva Prasad Raju was born to a family whose ancestors had been practicing Vaasthu for generations. He was born in the beautiful green village of Egavakandgriga, near the foothills of Tirupati, abode of Lord Venkateswara.  

He began his education by walking daily for 10 miles to a school in the nearest town. Being born to an agricultural family, he also used to work long hours in fields helping his family. As a child he showed a keen interest in Vedic scriptures and learnt a great deal from his father and grandfather. This background laid a good foundation for the future when he mastered Vaasthu to become the renowned consultant that he is today.

After schooling, he continued his higher education to obtain his Bachelors degree in Economics at Madras University and did his Masters degree at Kamaraj Madurai University. But soon he felt that his heart and soul were completely attracted to the ancient Indian science of construction, the Vaasthu Sastra.

Now he has been practicing Vaasthu for the last 15 years and during this time he has consulted for thousands of dwellings and business premises like Factories, Five star hotels, Nursing homes, Colleges, Temples (free consultation), Government buildings etc. He has brought happiness to hundreds of families through his suggestions based on Vaasthu. 

His rich experience on the subject has been reflected on the numerous articles that have been published in various magazines and currently he is trying to consolidate his knowledge and experience in the form of a book.