Example 1

Mrs. XY*, who is a professor, was suffering from Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure and was on regular dialysis. Her only hope was to get a kidney donor for a Transplant, but it was very difficult to get a donor. 

When she met our Vaasthu consultant, Shri Siva Prasad Raju, he had accurately predicted that the vaasthu was incorrect at the South East and North East corners of the house. The defect being a depression in the form of a septic tank in the SE and an incomplete square on the NE corner. There were a few other defects as well.

After rectification of the above defects very soon she found a donor and her kidneys started improving much to the relief and delight of the person.


Example 2

Another client was a famous* fertilizer factory in Madras (Chennai). On visiting the factory our Vaasthu consultant exactly predicted that there might be lot of accidents involving the female employees of the factory, because of the entrance on the East side (South east corner). There was also a depression (water tank) on the Southwest corner which meant that there were a lot of financial problems.

On rectifying the SE corner the accidents have stopped, but because of technical limitations they were not able to rectify the depression. Hence, the financial problems seem to persist till date.


Example 3

Another case is that of a famous Gynaecologist* who had recently built a Nursing home and stared practicing there. Suddenly he felt that he was having a lot of operative complications during his procedures and this was troubling him a lot. 

When he sought the services of our consultant, Mr. Siva Prasad Raju, it became apparent that the defect in the Nursing home was that the South East side of the building was closed. After rectification of this problem according to the principles of Vaasthu, his problems have ceased now.


 Example 4

Mr. SV*, who is a resident of Penang, Malaysia, was suffering a lot from the symptoms of Chronic Lung Disease. On consultation with Mr. Siva Prasad Raju, who visited the site, and suggested that the toilet in the North East corner was against the guiding principles of Vaasthu. On changing the location of the toilet to the NW position his symptoms have greatly improved.


*  The real names of the persons involved have been omitted to protect their privacy.